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A comprehensive educational project…

“Responsibility, as educators, is defined not by helping students simply survive, but rather by enabling them to sustain the best of their culture while creating positive change. We must lead them to discover what is missing for many: a sense of place, a sense of community, and a sense of self, all towards a sense of purpose.”
-Tim Kahn

Employing a variety of multi-media tools to promote a grass-roots understanding of and approach to sustainable heritage and culture in our ever-changing local, national, and global societies, The Last Link project steps into the arena of education. It takes the many issues and arguments inherent in this topic and brings them to the forefront of peoples’ minds, into classroom programs and public forums.

To accomplish such a task, the project directors have decided on a three-point “trident approach”, driven by a visual component (documentary film and photography exhibit), an educational component (high-school and secondary education curriculum), and a technological component (interactive educational web-site). A highly accomplished team of filmmakers, scholars, and educators has been assembled to assist in making this goal a reality.


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