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Saying “Goodbye”…

The thunder of hooves heralds the end of a legacy in a corner of Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. With quiet resignation, Johnny Camino, the son of Basque immigrants, leads his flock of sheep for the last time. Tomorrow they will be sold and his exit from the world of agriculture will be complete. At 83, his cousin Pete looks on, contemplating his position as one of the last Basque sheep ranchers in the area, a man with one last dream: to see the land of his parents before his death. At this moment, he has no idea that within six months he will embark on the trip of his life.

With Narration by Willie Nelson, The Last Link captures the rich and dramatic story of the Basque and Béarnais shepherding cultures. For over 5000 years, shepherding has been a way of life in the French Pyrénées. Basque emigrants brought this culture to the American West in the early 20th Century. Less than a hundred years later, it is in danger of being absorbed into mainstream culture, both in France and the United States.


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